Rated 4.9/5 by 4295 Happy Customers

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“Today I feel like I've got a new life! Thanks to MagneSteps insoles, I do everything I could not do because of the pain. I even got involved in a half marathon. The relief is amazing!” Ruwaida Chege, 38 years old




Effects of pain-relief therapy using MagneSteps:

  • 1.Helps reduce lower back pain, neck pain and joints pain
  • 2.Relaxes muscle tension
  • 3.Improve blood circulation
  • 4.Reduce overweight
  • 5.Reduce pain in the internal organs
  • 6.Relief food and skin allergies

MagneSteps: HOW IT WORKS

It's quite simple. You just put the biomagnetic insoles in your shoes and ... walk. You do what you usually do, and soon you'll feel your body quite differently. MagneSteps will massage your feet while you walk and will help you eliminate body pain, enhance your endurance, and increase your balance and flexibility.

Make every step count with Magnesteps!

MagneSteps insoles use combination of acupressure and magnetic therapy


Special buttons massage the foot while you walk, stimulating the receptors. Automatic massage results in significantly better blood circulation, which is important for the overall body condition.

Magnetic field

Magnetic therapy is a science focused on maintaining the body's proper electromagnetic field. Magnets are simple and effective, and help you to achieve an all-natural form of wellness.

MagneSteps: HOW TO USE

Place Your Foot On The MagneSteps Insole To Make Sure What Your Fitting Size Is.

Then Trim Each Of The Insoles Along The Cutting Line.

Insert The MagneSteps Insoles Into Your Shoes And Enjoy.

What can MagneSteps do for you:

  • Massage key areas of your feet with massage points & special magnets
  • Relieve overall body pain and tension
  • Boost endurance with acupressure technology
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Shock absorption and comfortable
  • Clean and airy
  • Easy to cut by cutting to your exact size

Rated 4.9/5 by 4295 Happy Customers

The reaction of our clients has always been very emotional

I feel reborn

Chronic pain in my joints became intolerable. I was no longer able to do the things that gave me the greatest pleasure: walking in the mountains, riding a bicycle or taking care of the garden. My liver started failing after the ton of painkillers I took. I no longer knew what to do to get my capacity back.

Today I feel like I've got a new life! Thanks to MagneSteps insoles, I do everything I could not do because of the pain. I even got involved in a half marathon. The relief is amazing!

Ruwaida Chege, 38 years old

Ideal for work

I'm a hairdresser, so I spend most of my time standing upright. That's why I got terrible pains in the feet, calves and spine. Since I started walking with MagneSteps insoles, the pain stopped torturing me and I regained the passion for my work!

Nasra Njoroge, 34 years old

Finally my wife has stopped nagging

At home there is always something to be done. Assembling a new cupboard or repairing a bicycle - my wife will always find me something to do. But how can I bend or strain when my spine barely works? My excess weight is, well, a heavy burned.

My brother recommended the MagneSteps insoles to me because they helped him for his kidneys. And they helped me too. Not just for the spine, but I also lost 6 kilos! Only later did I realize that as a result of the toxic cleanse the insoles did, my metabolism accelerated. But most importantly, my wife can finally count on me.

Ronald Mungai, 52 years old

A panacea

As long as I remember, I've always been sickly and vulnerable to various illnesses. My stomach hurt from stress, muscles were fatigue, my legs hurt even after a walk ... That's why I now wear MagneSteps and the pain does not scare me!

Everlyne Mbithi, 36 years old

There is no healthier way to fight pain

I do not like to drink any chemicals or spend my money on expensive procedures and massages. Unfortunately, because of arthritis pain, I needed the help of a physiotherapist more and more often.

I was looking for a cheaper and more efficient way and I came across MagneSteps. The pain subsided literally in a few minutes, and after 30 days of use it completely went away. I feel strong like a bull!

Mugo Ogechi, 53 years old

I was rejuvenated!

It is known that as we get older, we start coming apart at the seams. Joints and muscles weaken, and organs are already quite worn out ... But I wanted to be a jolly grandmother, not an old hag. And there it is! I started using the MagneSteps insoles, and nothing hurts anymore, I just keep getting better and better. Super, right!

Penina Lotuko, 68 years old



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Rated 4.9/5 by 4295 Happy Customers

“Today I feel like I've got a new life! Thanks to MagneSteps insoles, I do everything I could not do because of the pain. I even got involved in a half marathon. The relief is amazing!” Ruwaida Chege, 38 years old